App Walkthrough Part Seven: Reports

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Invoice & Estimate with Alto is a powerful tool that helps entrepreneurs manage the invoicing process. It addresses the challenges that today’s users face by ensuring a secure and efficient exchange of documents with your business partners and clients.

Alto e-invoicing is user-friendly and combines many useful features with advanced functionality. In this series, we walk through the app and explain it.

App Walkthrough Part Seven: Reports

The Reports feature gives you a quick, simple overview of all data collected by Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

On the Reports screen, the four icons at top represent Hours, Expenses, Earnings, and Team Performance.

Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Hours Logged

Alto Reports Hours

The Hours report collects all the hours you have recorded in Invoice & Estimate, and presents them in a daily, weekly or monthly view.

For example, the Daily view shows a line graph of hours logged in the last seven days. Below the graph is a table showing the Busiest Day, the Busiest Client, the Avergae Hours logged per day, and the Total Hours for the week.

The weekly and monthly views do the same, with the Weekly view showing the last seven weeks and the Monthly view showing the last seven months.

All reports follow this basic configuration.

Expenses Logged

Alto Reports Expenses

The Expenses report list all the expenses you have created, and shows their totals in a daily, weekly or monthly view.

Unlike the other three reports, this data is shown in separate columns, and not in the form of a connected curve.

This chart can help you identify where you are overspending and whether you need to cut costs to increase profitability.

Earnings Logged

Alto Reports Earnings

The Earnings report collects the totals for all invoices you have created and presents them in a monthly, quarterly or yearly view.

You can use this table to see which month recorded the highest revenue from which customers, and get an indication of the most profitable services.

Team Performance

Alto Reports Team Performance

The Team Performance report summarizes all hours logged by all team members and presents them in a weekly, monthly or yearly view.

You can compare this graph with the Hours graph to see the difference between the number of hours logged by you and the number of hours logged by the rest of your team.

As you can see, the Reports feature gives you a quick and easy visual overview of your business’ performance. In the current version, the graphs can not be separated by client or project, but we plan to introduce this and other improvements in a future update.

Invoice & Estimate with Alto was built for freelancers, consultants, and small businesses by a team of freelancer and small business founders.

Create your free account today and find out why more than 30,000 freelancers and small business owners love Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

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