We're an experienced international team

Invoice By Alto was built for Freelancers, Consultants and Small Businesses, by a creative team of Freelancers and Small Business makers.

We're designing the future

Who we are.
We are an International team of Freelancers, Consultants and Small Business Owners. We have decades of experience between us balancing the responsibilities of delivering products and services to clients. We know the challenges, we fought the battles.
Our mission.
Our primary mission is to make invoicing less challenging, more enjoyable, and effortless to help you manage your finances and clients. So now you can focus on more important things like getting to bed on time and of course, delighting your customers.
Why we're doing it.
We're doing it because we are passionate, honest and diverse doers. We hear people say, invoicing sucks, or I had to work Sunday doing them. Well, no more! We're doing it for everyone who can see a less boring future of invoicing 2.0 re-imagined and redesigned..

Our core values

Be passionate
Passion comes from the heart. Continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.
Be honest
Honesty bares the soul. Be honest in everything and watch how it opens doors.
Be diverse
Diversity expands your mind. Embrace it and widen your arms. People will reach back.

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