Quickstart: Invoice & Estimate with Alto

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We’ve said it many times before, but it’s worth repeating: Invoice & Estimate with Alto make invoicing fast and easy.

We’ve made sure the app is very easy to use, but it’s always helpful to get a few tips on more in-depth features. To help new users quickly become power users, we have published a series of articles that guide beginners through all the features.

Here’s a recap:

App Walkthrough

Alto Clients

Part One: Company Clients

Invoice & Estimate with Alto lets you to assign your contacts to individual or company accounts, while still being able to personalize their details.

Alto Settings

Part Two: Settings

The Settings View lets you customize important features of Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

Alto Invoices

Part Three: Invoices

The Invoices View gives you powerful features to create and manage invoices in Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

Alto Clients

Part Four: Client Projects

Use Client Projects to manage hours, estimates, expenses, and invoices in Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

Alto Vendors & Expenses

Part Five: Vendors & Expenses

Expenses are the costs you incur while completing work for a client. Let’s see how Invoice & Estimate with Alto makes it easy to track your expenses and bill them efficiently.

Alto Invoices

Part Six: Estimates

A competent and thorough project estimate is an important part of winning new business. Invoice & Estimate with Alto offers a solution that allows you to streamline the process of creating and reviewing estimates, and then quickly converting them into invoices.

Alto Reports

Part Seven: Reports

The Reports feature gives you a quick, simple overview of all data collected by Invoice & Estimate with Alto.

Invoice & Estimate with Alto was built for freelancers, consultants, and small businesses by a team of freelancer and small business founders.

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