List Sorting in Invoice & Estimate with Alto

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The team at Alto is constantly working to improve our products. As part of this commitment, we’ve recently added a new feature to Invoice & Estimate with Alto: list sorting for Clients, Invoices, and Estimates.

As your business grows, so does your customer list and catalog of invoices and expenses. The ability to group and sort your invoices by customer or date is essential to organizing and controlling your data.

This feature has been a long time coming, so let’s take a closer look.

List Sorting

Alto Sort Toolbar

We’ve added two new icons to the Navigation Bar: Sort and Toggle Direction.

Tapping the Sort icon will open up an Action Sheet showing the different sorting options. And tapping the Toggle Direction icon will toggle the list order between ascending (a-z) and descending (z-a).

Client Lists

Alto Sort Clients

The Clients list can be sorted by:

  • Company Name: Sorts all clients alphabetically.
  • Last Name or First Name: Groups clients by type — Freelancers at top, then Companies — and then sorts the separate groups alphabetically.
  • Address: Displays address and sorts all clients alphanumerically by address. Clients with no address on file are grouped alphabetically underneath clients with addresses.
  • Date Added: Displays the date the client record was created, and sorts all by this date.

Invoice Lists

Alto Sort Invoices

The Invoices list is grouped by month, and can be sorted by:

  • Invoice Title
  • Customer Name
  • Date

Estimate Lists

Alto Sort Estimates

As with invoices, the Estimates list is grouped by month, and can be sorted by

  • Invoice Title
  • Customer Name
  • Date

Good organization has a big impact on your business and productivity. It helps you understand your customers and to determine where to put your attention and energy.

As we said, sorting has been a long time coming, and we’re not done with it yet. We’ll continue to refine and improve this feature and add new ones. If you have suggestions for how we can make sorting even better, or any other issues with Invoice & Estimate with Alto, please email us at and let us know. We love hearing from you! 🥰

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