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Managing a small business on a budget

Small businesses often run on relatively limited budgets. Regardless of the business financial situation, it is always important to conserve money whenever feasibly possible. Although this may seem simple, it is often challenging to track and manage your invoices without a well-designed business budget. This is certainly valuable for unforeseen costs, most commonly in a […]

Interview with Joel Sharpton, Pro Podcasting Services

Tell us a bit about yourself? Owner, Chief Editing Officer, What is your employment status? Sole Proprietorship. Tell us about your work/company and what type of services/products you provide? Podcast editing, production and consultation. Voice-over and Narration work. Do you have any employees, and if so, how many? Just me. How does Invoice By […]
Save Time By Writing Lists

Simple steps to save time as a freelancer

Freelancing is not easy and getting started as a freelancer is even more difficult. In fact, everyone except freelancers seems to think the opposite and assume this is a life of absolute freedom in which more time is spent travelling or having fun rather than invoicing or doing any actual work. That being said, the […]

How often do Freelancers need to invoice Business Clients?

Having уоur own business аnd working for уоurѕеlf may ѕееm like a blеѕѕіng frоm Hеаvеn. I knоw thаt I fеlt thаt wау bеfоrе I bеgаn mу оwn particular business аnd wоund uр іndереndеntlу employed. In аnу case, thаt wаѕ ѕеvеrаl years ago. Tоdау, I can gеnuіnеlу say that despite everything, I аdоrе the freelancing work I dо, […]