Interview with Joel Sharpton, Pro Podcasting Services

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Tell us a bit about yourself?
Owner, Chief Editing Officer,

What is your employment status?
Sole Proprietorship.

Tell us about your work/company and what type of services/products you provide?
Podcast editing, production and consultation. Voice-over and Narration work.

Do you have any employees, and if so, how many?
Just me.

How does Invoice By Alto app help in your day to day business?
Maintains basic profit record, provides attractive invoice option for reasonable rate.

What were you using before you started using Invoice By Alto?

In which ways has Alto improved your operations? You can also compare against previous services/methods.
Faster invoicing, got me to check out Stripe.

How can Alto be improved to fit better within your working practices?
Automatic monthly/quarterly billing would be huge.

Is there a link to your business?


Invoice By Alto Interview
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